Inheritance Tax Planning


Inheritance tax planning


Ensuring your heirs inherit according to your wishes without incurring unnecessary taxes

Intelligent Inheritance Tax Planning

Roy Jenkins once famously described Inheritance tax as a “voluntary tax!” The reality is that this tax is very far from being voluntary since the rise in house prices over the past few decade’s means that the current Inheritance Tax threshold of £325,000 will inevitably affect more and more of us. There is an additional primary residence allowance of £125,000 which you could benefit from, but this is dependent on how your Will is structured.

There are a whole host of ways in which we can help you minimise the amount of IHT your family will face. For example, it may be possible to arrange your life insurance in such a way that the proceeds remain outside your estate, and can be used to meet the IHT liability arising from other assets.

Investments can also be set up or rearranged so that, whilst you retain access to your money during your own lifetime, the funds may eventually fall outside of your estate on your death and so not be liable for IHT.

You may have existing investments with which you are disappointed and which have not been reviewed for some time.

Inheritance Tax Planning

We offer advice on:

  • General Estate planning.
  • Wills.
  • Setting up of trusts.
  • Whole of life insurance.
  • Investments that qualify for relief from IHT.
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